Stine Children | Roadrunner Park | Phoenix photographer

This little girl had on the perfect dress for twirling and twirl is what she did! Her little bub was SO content in that swing! I just love watching these kids get bigger! When I first met them that little guy was a little bean in his mamas tummy! Their momma makes them a year book every year with photos of them in it and my photos go into them, that makes my  heart so happy! I continue to say that making memories and capturing children where they are at that very time is why I do this and makes me feel like what I do is worth it, like im leaving my mark on the world.. its pretty great! 🙂



Meyer Maternity | Salt River | Arizona photographer

I LOVE these people! This beautiful mama is the sweetest and most lovely woman ever! She is so encouraging and complimentary to me always! They are getting ready to welcome a sweet baby girl to their family in March and I am so excited for them (and for me to get to snuggle her!)  2016-01-17_00042016-01-17_00052016-01-17_00062016-01-17_00072016-01-17_00082016-01-17_00092016-01-17_00012016-01-17_00022016-01-17_0003