Spring Cleaning – Nail Polish

Since I left my job to photograph full time back in September I stopped getting my nails done on the regular. Partially because my nails tend to get JACKED up when i’m on any kind of session for some reason, and partially because, Umm I work for myself now and spending money on getting my nails done is not a priority for me – $30+ dollars every two weeks #aintnobodygottimeforthat SO that being said, I started giving myself some at home mani/pedis and found that I really enjoyed color on my nails! I watched a few youtube tutorials on how to get a salon manicure at home and a few little tricks really changed how I looked at painting my nails! IMG_7392

HOWEVER- Over the years I have accumulated a TON of nail paraphernalia that festered and multiplied under my bathroom sink to the point where I couldn’t even find the necessary tools needed to make my mani happen. This of course prompted a trip to my local Target for a new bin to organize my nail polish and I just HAD to share it!


This bin is from Rubbermaid and it is spectacular. Its dual buckets that snap together make for the perfect nail kit! I am now keeping my tools, polish remover, cotton balls and cuticle oil on the top and all of my beloved polishes on the bottom. Some of my fave polish brands are Orly,  China Glaze, Essie (but only for my toes because that stuff chips like no bodies business on my fingers), Essence, and the Sally Hansen complete manicure polish. I am kind of a weirdo about the type of brush that comes with my nail polish and I feel like all of these apply really smoothly!


After my hands are washed, filed, buffed and my cuticle situation is under control I apply this Orly Bonded base coat that really makes the polish stick to my nail and prevents chips better. IMG_7397.jpg

I then choose the color I am feeling like that moment – on my nails here I have the Essence “Indian Summer”  and these suckers are only $2.00! – I paint and wait to dry. IMG_7393.jpg

Lastly, I REALLY enjoy the Seche Vite quick drying top coat because lets be honest, I really don’t like to wait for my nails to dry. I have so many other things I could be wasting my time doing. Finally, I wash my hands again, apply lotion and BANG awesome manicure.

❤ Chrissy