2015 – A look back

Phew!  I knew that I felt busy in 2015 (and had everyone else tell me that too!) but I had no idea HOW busy I was until I sat down to back up my hard drive and install my new one!  2015 brought on so many wonderful photography advancements for me! In September I quit my job to pursue this joy of mine full time and I haven’t looked back! I LOVE doing this and am excited to see what 2016 brings for me as a full time photographer!  View More: http://lindsayborgphotography.pass.us/chrissy-delacy

-My photo by Lindsay Borg

In the summer I began shooting styled season mini sessions and have LOVED creating scenes and having little kids out to play with toys and run around smiling!  2015-06-10_0001.8.92015-11-04_0001.9.82016-01-01_0010

I was part of the birth of sweet baby James this year as well. I had it on my bucket list to shoot the birth of a baby and it was such an incredible experience I will never forget! 2015-09-29_0004.jpg

I volunteered my time and skill with Make A Wish a few times this year as well! I personally participated in 4 wishes this year and that organization brings such joy to my heart and being able to photograph for them as been so fulfilling! 2016-01-01_0004

I was also able to be part of a surprise engagement! Under the guise of an anniversary photo session we led an unsuspecting young lady to a rooftop downtown where his family was waiting with candles, flowers and signs asking her to be his wife. 2015-11-16_0012

I took photos of the journey of this sweet family as they welcomed their little girl into the world. Medically they needed to bring her here sooner than she was ready, and they weren’t able to take the traditional maternity and newborn photos since they were in the hospital so we improvised and were able to capture their story.2016-01-01_0009

In 2015 I witnessed 18 weddings. I traveled to Utah to capture one of my best friends weddings. I was part of an elopement, a justice of the peace wedding, three weddings at various Temples in Arizona, A couple backyard weddings and many other lovely ceremonies. Each of these people holds a special place in my heart and I am thrilled to have been part of a huge day in their life. 2016-01-01_0003

All of those things in and of themselves are wonderful, life changing events and things, but there have also been many pregnancies that became babies born, years grown older, high school kids that became college students, people in love got engaged and the cycle continues. That is perhaps the best part of this job. I get to see all of that happen and be a part of growing families. I get to see children get older and capture their changes in a photograph forever. Thank you to everyone that got in front of my camera this year. Thank you to everyone that believed I could do this full time and pushed me to do it. Thank you to my family for your listening ears as I stressed with the decision and thank you to myself for trusting them and going for it! 2015 was a year of change and amazing things, hopefully 2016 is a year of growth and sustaining joy! Happy New Year everyone! 2016-01-01_0008

(this is just a handful of my favorite photos from this year, I have over 200 sessions on my hard drive from this year – incredible)


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