What to wear for family photos!

This is one of the most frequently asked questions this time of year!

What do I wear for my family photos? what to wear

The answer is of course different for everyone but today I am going to highlight a few things that work really well and a few big no nos when it comes to choosing the outfits you and your family will rock during your session!

It is also very important to remember while reading that this guide is to help you achieve beautiful photos of YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! At the end of the day, you could show up, break all of the rules and you will still have images of your family that will last you a lifetime!  Family photos allow you to remember your childs small hands and chubby cheeks and give you an excuse to snuggle your surly teenager for half an hour. Please oh please remember why you do all of this while you’re stressing out over which necklace to choose 🙂

Lets first start with the things to stray away from to make what you will actually choose a little easier!

#1 Stay away from clothing with busy patterns, letters, numbers, logos or characters on it.  


I KNOW your 3 year old daughter LOVES her Elsa t-shirt, but in your family photo that shirt will be distracting and take away from her sweet little dimples or her toothless grin! You want to make sure that your clothing doesn’t gain more attention than your family members!

Exception:  words and numbers are more than acceptable and very much encouraged if we are documenting a birthday! 2015-10-04_0005

#2 Stay away from old, dirty shoes.

This also falls into the distraction family. Your family photos are not something you will take every day, in fact most families do them once a year (sometimes MUCH less frequently than that even). They are going to be seen by your families and friends and plastered all over social media. You want to make sure that YOU shine not your clothing, which really is the lesson here anyway, so leave your beloved Crocs at home! If you can, splurge on a new pair of shoes for the kids or put them in ones they don’t really like much because it is only an hour at most you will be wearing them and your photos will be happier for it.  I am also a big fan of feet photos too! So you never know when my lens is just on your feet! 🙂  2015-01-15_00372015-09-27_0016

#3 Colors!  

Stay away from VERY bright colors (i.e Neon and florescent)Untitled

These colors can cast their color onto your face, neck and hair! Your child does not have a natural radioactive glow, so save the bright yellow for an athletic top on the basketball court! (we will talk more about what colors are GREAT in a moment! )

Alright, now that we have a few key No No’s out of the way lets focus our attention on some things that will hopefully make your outfit selection process a little bit easier!


I told you we would revisit this!  Color is so fun and can absolutely benefit you and make your photos POP! I am rather partial to the deeper versions of primary colors (Maroon red, Mustard yellow, Navy or Royal blue, Forrest green) and don’t be afraid of a shirt that has all of those colors in it! A nice plaid or striped shirt helps bring in dimension and a visually appealing element!


When it comes to putting the colors you choose together It is also a great idea to choose one or two great colors and pair them with a neutral! Browns, white, cream, black, grey, gold and silver are great options!

I very much suggest staying away from matching. Everyone in Khaki pants and white shirts are about as simple as it gets, but also doesn’t showcase the individuals being photographed! Choose the color palette and choose clothing from there!

#2 Accessorize! 

Hats, scarves, vests,  necklaces, sweaters, belts, bow ties, suspenders, headbands, boot socks! All great little touches that can make a big difference when it comes to your photos!

Here are a few shops that I LOVE for accessories!

Chic Pipsqueaks – Headbands for little girls!

Charming Charlie– is a great place you can swing by to get accessories in every color imaginable!

H&M always has killer accessories for kids, boys specifically and very cute, affordable clothing as well!

IMG_24262015-01-15_0025 2015-09-27_0028 2015-09-27_0035 2015-09-27_0037

#3 Comfort 

This tip is more so for adults.. if you are not comfortable I WILL be able to tell. Don’t choose a dress you will have to constantly pull down or a pair of jeans that are to tight.. don’t put on a dress if you aren’t a dress kind of gal .. you can just as easily jazz up a pair of skinny jeans with a beautiful top and some ACCESSORIES! (I really do love them!)


Ladies, if you want to wear heels in a photo or two we can do that, bring flip flops or flat shoes you can walk from spot to spot in!

Child Specific |

Cover the diaper!!  There are many adorable options when it comes to this! If you want your little to wear a dress or showcase those adorable thigh rolls I absolutely recommend getting something to cover the diaper! I have linked a few of my favorite shops to get those things from below!


Source Source Source 

Make sure their clothing fits them. 

I know that as parents we like to purchase clothes that will last and that our kids can “grow into” While that is great for day to day things I think that photo outfits are the exception. A lot of families will be purchasing new outfits just for their photos and if you are one of those families I would recommend choosing clothing that FITS your child and isn’t to big. Clothing that is noticeable to large will look a little sloppy in photos and we will spend a lot of session time moving it around to make it look tailored to your kiddo.

2015-01-15_0014 2015-09-27_0013 2015-09-27_0023 2015-09-27_0036

As I said before, your family photos are important and will ultimately be a reflection of your love for one another no matter what you wear, but hopefully these things helped you out a little! If you have a session booked with me and have any additional questions I am always here to provide advice or guidance as well! Text me photos, email me questions .. I am here for YOU!  🙂