The day I quit my job

Today I quit my job.

My bill paying, health insurance having, steady job.

I have been wildly unhappy in corporate america for a long long time and today, after much thought and stress and anxiety and long talks with my Lindsay, my mom and Mr. B I quite my job and have decided to throw myself into the wonderful world of photography.

I expected to feel relief. Which I did.

I expected to feel sad to an extent. Which I did.

What I did not expect was the out pour of support that flooded my cell phone minutes after I posted about it on Facebook.

That post yielded more likes and comments of anything else I have ever posted to a social media outlet. It was filled with congratulations and well wishes for me from people that BELIEVE in ME.

The believed in me at the very moment that I needed them to. It validated something inside of me.

I held it together all day. All day long. Through the hard good byes to the people that I have grown to know as family. Through the hug to a boss I loved.  Through the eye opening drive home in the middle of the day that proved that I had indeed left my job. I held. it. together.  That is until my mom posted this on Facebook this evening.


That’s the moment I lost it. The tears came flooding out of my eyes and the incredible amount of pride I had in the decision that I made burst out of me through the tears.

My mama. The one person that would believe in me no matter what expressed to all of her friends in one swoop how proud of me she is. That means every thing to me.

I am in awe of the love and support that people have shown me today.

Today I proved to myself that I can do hard things.

Here’s to me kicking ass in the photography world, however scary and wonderful it may be!


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