Kelly Moore Camera Bag Review | Arizona Photographer

As a photographer a good bag is absolutely crucial! I have had my fair share of bags and this one is perfection! This bag came into my life through a Photog Facebook group I am a part of. On a normal day I wouldn’t have been able to afford the $250.00 price tag, but this gently used one for $65 was right up my alley! The gal I picked it up from at Pita Jungle has a small army of camera bags and was clearing out space so I am SO happy with my purchase!

This bag is lightweight but not cheap feeling, the outside is smooth and sturdy, not a flimsy vinyl type that other bags I have gotten were made of. The hardware is perfect and silver and the zippers slide nicely and are also heavy duty not  kinchy.

This thing is chock full of storage space and I am so thankful to have a spot for all of my goodies!

So without further adeu, meet Libby!

These front pockets are perfect for holding business cards and keys while I am shooting. For a long time I forgot to stash cards in my bag until I was asked by a passerby for one and was empty handed! Never again, and as luck would have it I have had a few bookings from cards handed out at sessions! These little pockets are great for other little things like lens caps, gum and bobbypins!

 There is also a nice long zipper pocket in the front that is perfect for my wallet! I don’t take my purse with me when I shoot, but I also don’t like to leave my wallet in my car while I am out taking stellar photos either, this pocket is deep and holds my wallet nice and secure without me having to worry it will be snatched or lost. This pocket could also be great for a small, foldable reflector, Expodisk or paperwork!

The inside is seriously a dream. This coming from the girl that self sewed foam inserts for her Target purse turned camera bag. I am SO happy with the inserts and velcro on this bag. Everything is moveable and there are a TON of inserts and options. That little slot at the top will fit my 15 in laptop no problem. I had my Canon 5d MRKii, two lenses, flash and misc things all comfortable fit inside. I am planning to bring this as my carry on when we go on vacation in two weeks and think it will be the perfect fit, especially considering that there is another insert designed to go on top of all of the gear for other things!


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